Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 4 (Heavy shit this is my Jam)

Deadlift - Bench Press 

Ok I wont pretend that I am king of the lifts  but I do enjoy it and I want to get Stronger.

Ok so I developed my own program based off of the Standard Stong lifts 5x5.

Firstly I always Foam Roll and stretch before I even start lifting. Once done I do a few warm up lifts progressively building up to my training Weight.

Alright this is my Favourite program

Deadlift Bench Press Super Set

DEAD LIFT -160kg for 5 Reps

BENCHPRESS - 80KG for 5 Reps

I do this 5 times with about 1 min to 2 mins breaks.

I move on to a chest work out building on the bench work we just did.

Incline Dumbell Bench Press - 27.5KG for 8 Reps

Dumbell Fly's - 15KG for 8 Reps

I do this 3 times and Move onto a Bicep Superset

Reverse Curl - 14KG 8 Reps

Hammer Curl - 14KG 8 Reps

EZ Bar Curl - 28 KG 8 Reps

Again 3 Times

Now The Triceps

This Requires a cable machine

Superannuated Pull Down - #12 8 reps

Rope Pull Down - #10 8 Reps

Pronated Pull Down - #12 8 Reps

3 Times

Now To finish

21 Gun Salute - 22.5kg

This is a horrid Bicep finisher to get you pump on

7 half way from hips

7 half way from shoulders

7 all the way from hips to shoulders

grab a shake and hit the showers I am done

Day 3

Kick boxing

Yeh this is what I call fun. Even more so than lifting heavy things hitting things...(I may not be completely normal)

Any way this is more of a fitness class as much as I hate to admit it  there is not actual sparring I'd probably suck at that I am quite slow although I am king of closing people down (6ft and 16 stone not much stands in my way)

Any way this was a hard session Exhausting too. My partner  for this was a Muy Thai Guy called Chang fast and small and quite powerful...yes I have compared him to Bruce Lee and Jet Li he is that sort of quick.

And we decided to compete against the other guys Steve and Morgan...Alpha all the way. I am the heaviest of us all so this was a real challenge.

Anyway we did a circuit type set of Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Hook, Cross, (Switch stance) Left Kick, Right Kick

Then once we had learned this we added Sprawls, Press ups and Sit up.. Conditioning for the win.

we Finished with 1-10 kicks with 1-10 sprawls after each iteration....#knackered

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day 2

Personal Training

Wow does this plan suck... eight weeks of Sumo deadlifts and safety bar squats. and as a regular genius I finished of my session with PIZZA all them fats and carbs are a no no but hey it my favourite food.

Okay so the over all plan is a warm up and stretch session followed by and explosive section and then 2 weights sections.

Stretching consisted of QTER, Kneeling AB Mobs  Hip Flex to hamstring. Then a movement piece Squat to stand, Glute Bridge, Inch worm complex and leg swings...This usually knackers me out on its own.

Explosive/Core Cable core over head press and med ball slams into a wall

Now the heavy stuff

Safety bar squats. this is Horrible. this contraption is like a medieval yolk that simulates a front squat. normally I'd  squat 120kg  in a high bar back squat for 5 reps. using this bar I managed 85kg for 8 reps  but gosh were they difficult. This was followed up by a 3 point row 37.5kg 8 reps fairly easy if I am honest probably need to go heavier. did that  3 times then another load of stuff.

In this section everything was 15 reps..this nearly kills me every time way to many reps for someone focused on strength but ultimately worth it. So this was a  racked kettle bell contra lateral step up...yep some big words.. basically shoulder a kettle bell and use the opposite leg to the shoulder you are holding the bell in. 15 time per a leg. straight into a dumbell bench press then into a low pulley row with D handles. all that 3 times

then I had my finisher..this is some horrid cruel thing designed to deprive you muscles of oxygen kettle bell count downs 10 - 1.

starting with 10 do 10 swings, 10 press ups then 10 9 of each then 8 and so on and so forth all the way down to 1

finally adopt starfish or foetal position.

Day 1

I was a complete Bum in full recovery mode from an eight hour drive from Dorset...I had a lie in for the first time in 6 months and I skipped my deadlift bench press day.

Chief of Lazy I basically spent the day in a vegatitive state playing bioshock infinite.

Nevermind Chalk that down to experience and move on tomorrow will be better for tomorrow is my personal training day.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Day 0

Nothing Much to say 

Just got in the door and I have to say this is my first post (ever)

So I guess this is my Transformation Blog just to share with people my experience in weight loss, life and career.

Who? Am I

I am a 28 year old British Guy living in Wales. In 2011 I decided I wanted to lose weight I attacked this half heartedly and Achieved nothing. When I say half heartedly it wasn't I that I wasn't spending time in the gym I was just not doing the right things not achieving results getting disheartened and then failing to attend. I also believed I could get by without changing my diet as I was exercising. all in all some pretty bad decisions.

Anyway I continued this procession for the best part of 2 years November 2011 until February 2014. Any way after spending a month away from the Gym the entire month of January I decided to come back swinging. I was 20 stone in February after a month of hotel food with a 46.5 inch waist this is not how I wanted to look so I decided to change it.

This time I did some reading and I looked at the type of information from guys I wanted to look like and wandered how they got there. I used information from starting with the Bizzy Diet. Ok so I am not rich I didn't use the supplement they recommend (Although this may have a huge effect)I just did my own thing Is stopped eating chocolate and I followed a process of eating consistently (Possibly boringly) More on this later.

I used The Bizzy Diet diet Exercises for almost 3 months and then took a break this was all in aid of upping my base fitness so I could move into bigger things (Literally). Cardio Weights is an awesome way to drop some weight quickly although I was doing it to increase my overall health. I will definitely start doing these exercises again in May when I start my "Cutting Phase"

Moving on I read some more information about losing weight. Apparently Cardio alone is just pointless (In achieving weight loss) it makes you really good at doing cardio but after a very short period the benefits in weight loss for doing it wear off pretty quickly. It turned out that for me the answer seems to be in big ass heavy weights the heavier the better (Please do not do this with out the relevant coaching first you can really damage yourself). Anyway ever since I Switched over to this plan I have been looking and feeling so much better. I am now 16 stone (103kg) and my waist is down to 41 inches

I'll post about my exercises now as I do them and give you a break down and try to explain the science in as I understand it.

If your looking to make similar changes It would be great to hear from you so leave a comment.